35 Relationship Goals for Couples & Tips to Achieve Them (2024)

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What are relationship goals? Why setting relationship goals can be a good thing? 35 relationship goals all couples should aspire to achieve 1. Try to go a few days without needing each other 2. Have daily conversations 3. Strive to become each other’s best friend 4. Keep sex interesting 5. Have each other’s back 6. Support each other’s dreams and goals 7. Do something new once a month 8. Try to resolve issues with maturity 9. Share plans for your future 10. Love each other unconditionally 11. Trust each other 12. Balance expectations in your relationship 13. Keep the spirit of adventure alive 14. Don’t be afraid of change 15. Handle conflicts with patience 16. Go on vacations 17. Know the art of forgiveness 18. Look forward to me-time 19. Make your relationship a priority 20. Surprise each other 21. Don’t forget to be intimate 22. Grow as a team 23. Treat your relationship as new 24. Understand each other’s love language 25. Discuss the relationship 26. If you are not married, discuss the possibility 27. Decide whether or not you want kids 28. Discuss money 29. Create a bucket list every 5 years 30. Join a couple of activities 31. Never go to bed angry 32. Learn to love each other selflessly 33. Believe every day is a new day 34. Don’t get too serious 35. Consider therapy 5 tips on setting relationship goals 1. Always set long-term and short terms goals 2. Decide an action plan 3. Discuss goals at a set duration 4. Avoid getting competitive 5. Have fun during the journey How to support each other to achieve relationship goals Conclusion

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Falling in love is perhaps the most beautiful feeling in the world. However, building a relationship with your beloved and working hard to make it last a lifetime makes it even more special.

Wondering how you ensure that the spark in your relationship doesn’t die out? It is simple, set goals.

What are relationship goals?

Relationship goals mean the experience, aim, or lesson that the couple wants to achieve.

Relationship goals set the target for every relationship to look forward to and lay the foundation of a stronger, healthier bond.

Why setting relationship goals can be a good thing?

In the many years that I have been counseling troubled couples on how they can improve their marriage relationship and maintain intimacy in their relationship, one thing has become increasingly clear:

Many couples don’t know the first thing about truly nurturing a relationship and setting relationship goals.

For example, I have met some husbands who thought that they had fulfilled their primary role in the relationship by earning enough money.

A few women focus too much on caring for children at the expense of a great relationship with their husbands.

So how can you improve the status of your marriage relationship?

You can start revitalizing your relationship and marriage as soon as you learn about the essential basics of a good relationship, i.e., set relationship goals.

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35 relationship goals all couples should aspire to achieve

Setting up these romantic relationship goals doesn’t need to be a highly complex process. Here are 35 perfect relationship goals for you and your partner.

Don’t worry. These tips to revitalize your relationship are relatively easy to learn. Once you’ve mastered them, I can assure you that you can easily apply them to your own relationship goals.

1. Try to go a few days without needing each other

While it is a beautiful feeling to be in love and to experience the urge to want your partner with you all the time, it is equally important that you both separate love from just needing each other all the time. Work together to create a bond that can thrive without you two being together and by each other’s side all the time.

2. Have daily conversations

Considering our fast-paced lives, we seldom have the time to share the details of our day with our partners. Any relationship needs to ensure that you set up a daily ritual to connect and communicate.

Decide on a time outside the usual small talk during dinner and sit together to listen to what each other is going through daily.

Make use of this time very carefully, be present, hold hands, embrace each other, and talk your hearts out.

3. Strive to become each other’s best friend

Although the inherent chemistry between the couple is the backbone of every relationship, being friends is an element that plays just as important of a role in promoting a healthy relationship.

Be your partner’s best friend, promote comfort when you two are having a conversation, joke around and cherish each moment just like you would with long-time buddies.

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4. Keep sex interesting

We’ve all heard people say that having sex with the same person day after day after day can become quite dull. However, I beg to differ. Sex only becomes boring when you let it be.

Instead, I suggest that couples aim to spice things up and continue working hard to please each other in bed.

5. Have each other’s back

Being in love is one thing, but having your partner’s back is altogether another story. Maintaining a lasting relationship is never as easy as they show on television.

When things go wrong in your relationship, the goal should always be to have each other’s back no matter what and support each other in the darkest times.

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6. Support each other’s dreams and goals

Please pay attention when your partner tells you that they wish they had the chance to continue their studies or when they tell you that they want to become a dancer.

Don’t laugh. Pay attention. Support your partner and push them to achieve their dreams.

7. Do something new once a month

Wondering why your past relationships lost their spark just after a couple of months? Because you became boring to them and they became boring for you.

It’s never good to remain the same as monotony is terrible for relationships. Go the extra mile to keep things fast-paced and exciting in your relationship.

You can start by taking your partner out to this exciting new place with exotic cuisine in town. Indulge in an adrenaline-pumping activity with your partner, like going rafting, skateboarding, or even for a gaming session.

Take extra care of how you look at least once a month by staying on top of your fashion game because the single biggest killer of any relationship has a drab, boring, and dull presence that your partner might lose interest in very quickly.

Let it spark, let it wander & above all, let it be magical.

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8. Try to resolve issues with maturity

Maturity is the singular most important trait that helps a relationship grow and truly thrive. There is no such thing as a “perfect couple” who has never had their first fight. Handle each other’s faults and resolve your fights (big or small) with maturity.

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9. Share plans for your future

Perhaps one of you wants to have kids in the future, while the other one is planning to work on a Ph.D.

Regardless of your plans for the future, you must share future relationship goals with your partner and ensure that you both are on the same page.

Not only will this goal help avoid conflicts in the future, but it would also help bring you two closer and truly enrich your relationship.

10. Love each other unconditionally

Loving each other unconditionally should be the goal of every relationship, which never fades.

While this goal could be more challenging than building a spaceship to travel to the moon, however, let me assure you that this goal is, in fact, achievable.

Strive towards loving each other, trusting each other, and supporting each other’s decisions without expecting anything in return.

11. Trust each other

Never forget that the strongest cornerstone of a marriage relationship is trust.

Please keep track of this vital component of your relationship, as it will help support both of you, even during the toughest storms of your relationship.

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12. Balance expectations in your relationship

This relationship goal shows that expectations are pretty normal in relationships because we constantly seek more significant and better things in our lives.

Our relationship expectations are clouded reflections of our deepest wants and needs.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting things in your marriage relationship. You are entitled to your wishes, needs, and ideas.

What is the turning point of your marriage relationship?

Set realistic relationship goals. When excessive expectations begin to affect your marriage relationship, they are no longer valuable tools. Expectations become toxic and will start to cause conflict and concern where there shouldn’t be any.

One way to combat excessive and unrealistic expectations and revitalize your relationship is to practice sincere acceptance.

Acceptance is not about blindly following someone’s impulse. It is about establishing real relationship goals. It is about logically accepting that some things may not manifest in your life the way you planned and that you agree with this reality.

Acceptance is firmly grounded in reality and considers all sides and all parts of reality, not just one’s dreams and desires.

13. Keep the spirit of adventure alive

To make your marriage relationship dynamic and allow for personal growth within the structure of married life, you must make a conscious effort to live in the spirit of adventure.

You should not be suspicious of the adventure, especially if this will benefit you or your spouse in the love relationship and keep the spark alive.

14. Don’t be afraid of change

If something good comes your way, but you need to make significant changes, evaluate the advantages of this new situation, and see if your marital relationship will prosper because of that. Most of the time, new positive experiences will benefit both parties.

Don’t get carried away by a false sense of security or by old habits and routines. Promote this type of couple’s relationship goals.

Humans are drawn to balance, and it is okay to want stability in your life. However, if your current stability stifles personal growth and happiness, it is not the kind of stability your marriage relationship needs.

It would help if you considered your interests and wishes and the interests and needs of your spouse.

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15. Handle conflicts with patience

It would help if you always remembered that conflict is inevitable in a marital relationship, but this does not mean that you are not a good husband or wife.

It simply means that you are currently dealing with a normal part of married life. Understand the couple’s goals for a healthy relationship.

Instead of avoiding problems and conflicts, you should adopt a collaborative, problem-solving mindset to ensure you’re always ready to resolve conflicts when they arise.

To revitalize your relationship, don’t let conflict take root in your marriage relationship, remedy it as soon as possible! Make these marriage relationship goals work!

16. Go on vacations

Set fun relationship goals like going out with each other and away from the hustle and bustle of the practical world.

Take a break from the mundane life and look forward to a nice vacation every month or every once in a while.

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Vacations are an excellent way to renew the relationship with a bit of change. This will help you both spark the intimacy and reconnect better.

17. Know the art of forgiveness

Disagreements are a part of the relationship. But instead of taking out your dagger, you must learn to forgive and let go of the conflict in the relationship.

More often than not, ego comes in the way of couples trying to resolve the issue, and both partners refuse to become flexible for the situation.

It might seem uneasy at first but will prove vital for the relationship in the long run.

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To know how to practice forgiveness watch this video:

35 Relationship Goals for Couples & Tips to Achieve Them (3)

18. Look forward to me-time

Always set a relationship goal of not compromising on your me-time while you are with your partner. Taking out time for yourself is healthy for the relationship and helps you stay recharged.

Both of you need time to think, focus, and bounce back. And having time for yourself is perfect for helping you achieve these and keep the relationship healthy.

19. Make your relationship a priority

Unless your relationship holds a very important place in your life, it will not prosper into a healthy one. Make sure you make your relationship a

Number 1 priority in life. As time passes, life becomes hectic.

However, with the proper time and attention to the relationship, your love life is sure to prosper.

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20. Surprise each other

You don’t need lavish gifts and extravagant dinner dates to bring a smile to your partner’s face. You can always set them smiling with a surprise text message saying ‘I love you,’ ‘I miss you,’ ‘I can’t wait to see you.’

Or, you can also prepare their favorite dish and surprise them when they are home.

21. Don’t forget to be intimate

Intimacy is an essential aspect of every relationship, and every couple must continuously try to achieve this relationship goal.

The first thing that comes to our mind with the word intimate is physical intimacy. However, there are also other kinds of intimacy, like intellectual intimacy and emotional intimacy.

To make the relationship wholesome, being intimate in all aspects is important.

22. Grow as a team

Couples might inadvertently turn selfish when it comes to growth and success and think about themselves first. So, make sure you hold your partner’s hand and grow together.

Make your success theirs, and do not let them feel alone.

23. Treat your relationship as new

Rather than considering your relationship as old and boring, think of your relationship as new and exciting as it was on day 1.

Go on dates and candlelight dinners with your partner. Don’t allow yourself to think of the relationship as a mundane part of your life.

Unless you initiate excitement and accept it positively in your head, you will continue feeling sad about the relationship.

24. Understand each other’s love language

There are 5 love languages, and with time, you must try to understand your partner’s love language.

Once you have understood that, this will only lead to a successful relationship and leave no corner for misunderstandings and major arguments.

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25. Discuss the relationship

Take time out to not only talk about the world but also your relationship. Discuss what is working in the relationship and what is not.

Talk extensively about what your relationship is lacking and take the steps to make it work. In this way, you will open a gate for a new flood of conversations and emotional release.

26. If you are not married, discuss the possibility

This point does not fall under married goals. So, if you are unmarried and living together, then discussing marriage might be the next thing on your relationship goals checklist.

Many people choose to remain unmarried and lead a fulfilling, happy life, while others say “I do” officially. It entirely depends on what you both want.

Whether you want to do it or not, you should discuss it.

27. Decide whether or not you want kids

This is possibly one of the most common relationship goals and a big one. Society assumes that every couple wants kids, but that’s not the case.

Not all couples want children. Some people like to live their lives and pursue their relationship with each other. However, sometimes it gets harder to decide whether or not to have children, especially when couples have disagreements.

So, have it noted in your goals for marriage list and have the talk as soon as it looks needed.

28. Discuss money

If you think that money doesn’t matter, you are fooling yourself. The truth is money changes everything.

One of the most important relationship goals couples should have is to practice good money habits. Educate yourself and strategize your spending, investment, savings, etc.

It’s better to discuss which responsibility falls under which partner as far as the money is concerned. It will make your relationship better.

29. Create a bucket list every 5 years

What do relationship goals mean if you can’t fulfill them? There will be times in life when you will feel detached, lost, and whatnot. It would help if you reinvented the connection, and a good way to do it is to make a bucket list.

You must make a bucket list within the expiration time period.

It can be 2 years or 5 years or more. It entirely depends on you and your partner how much time you want to keep for the list.

Write down all the things you want to do shortly and make an exciting bucket list.

It will feel amazing every time you cross off an item from that list.

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30. Join a couple of activities

Sometimes dates can be tedious, and following the same dating schedule can ruin the fun for you. It would help if you thought about spending some time with other couples.

Play games, hang out, or just party together. Change of people can bring a lot to the table and make you both understand what are your relationship goals.

Engage in activities with other couples, and you will notice that you know about good relationship goals without even trying.

31. Never go to bed angry

You might have heard it before or perhaps not, but it is one of the most important deals in the list of relationship goals. Even if you are not sure what angers your partner, you must try to resolve the issue before going to bed.

If you are afraid that the discussion can turn into a highly heated argument, you can always opt not to discuss anything, but the real couple will deal with it like adults.

It may take the whole night to get it over with, but you both shouldn’t sleep holding grudges in your heart.

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32. Learn to love each other selflessly

Every individual is different from the other; you are your own person, and it’s okay until it comes in the way of your perfect relationship.

Focus on your partner and love them selflessly. Show your love by surprising them with a selfless deed, whether it was cooking or taking them somewhere they always wanted to go.

Just a little bit of your time and attention can help you achieve better goals in a relationship.

33. Believe every day is a new day

You both are not the same person as you were yesterday. Every day there is a slight change in our lives, and yet we forget that.

People tend to take each other for granted as relationships grow old and monotonous. If you change your mindset, rather than thinking about your relationship as monotonous, you can make something good out of every day. Life will be a lot better and easier together.

34. Don’t get too serious

Planning all these realistic relationship goals and living up to them can be exhausting. Make sure your life doesn’t get stuck in the process. Don’t let things suck the fun out of your life.

Laugh when things don’t go as you thought. Let the excitement flow through the course of achieving your dreams. Just know that achieving couple relationship goals can be uncomfortable, and it’s okay.

Carpe Diem!

35. Consider therapy

Many couples think of it as a last resort. We are not asking you to go to a therapist and ask – what is the purpose of relationships, what kind of relationship do I want?

Whenever you feel you need a new perspective on your relationship, you both can visit a therapist and stop your everyday arguments. Therapy can also be helpful as a preventative tool, to allow you to stay on track and avoid big problems in the future.

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35 Relationship Goals for Couples & Tips to Achieve Them (4)

5 tips on setting relationship goals

If you are wondering how to have relationship goals, set your relationship goals keeping the following aspects in mind:

1. Always set long-term and short terms goals

This means that you must set some big relationship goals and some daily, quick ones to keep a balance. Make sure you don’t lose sight of one set of goals for another.

2. Decide an action plan

Now that you have decided on the goals for your relationship discuss action plans to help you achieve them.

3. Discuss goals at a set duration

First, you must always start setting goals at a fixed time of the year. Next, you can also set out time to discuss the achievability of these goals from time to time.

4. Avoid getting competitive

Since you both have set a target, it might come to a point where one partner feels they are giving their all to the relationship while the other partner isn’t. Don’t allow such thoughts to creep in.

5. Have fun during the journey

Don’t get too serious. The whole idea is to make the relationship healthy. So, please don’t take it as an annual PowerPoint presentation of the workplace. In the end, you are doing it for your relationship.

How to support each other to achieve relationship goals

Setting goals and achieving them is a long process and not just an action you can complete in a day.

So, make sure you are always there for your partner and help them with the things they lack. Remember, you both are doing it as a team, and unless you do it together, and support each other through the downfalls, it won’t be a success.

Support your partner by talking to them openly about their difficulties, helping them wherever they are lacking, and showing them trust when they feel gloomy. This will help keep their spirits high and keep the purpose of your relationship alive.


An actual love relationship is not always romantic. It knows that we are typically incomplete beings, and seeking perfection in a relationship is like adding poison to a well.

The pursuit of perfection in your spouse and in the marriage itself will slowly go through all aspects of the relationship as you will no longer be happy or satisfied simply because your marriage does not fit the “perfect” mold.

The main goal is to enjoy the process with your partner and garner love in the relationship.

Love is not just about hugging, kissing, or bathing someone with gifts. A genuine love relationship in marriage revolves around making a conscious decision to accommodate someone, even in their weakest or most vulnerable state.

35 Relationship Goals for Couples & Tips to Achieve Them (2024)
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