Love Letter to Best Friend: 4 Templates - Writolay (2024)

It is time to express your love for your friend. We have some interesting and unique templates for your help. You can simply copy-paste these templates. Make sure to insert your respective details at the right places and send a note of love to your dear friend.

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Love Letter to Best Friend

Dear [mention your name],

I owe you for everything you have done for me. After so many years, we have actually met each other. It’s been so many years since we are bonded with one another and I do believe that it is never going to fade.

Even if I forget to write letters to you for any reason, it is you who keep in touch with me and every in thick and then you have been in touch with me and know about my health. Last month, you sent 6 letters and I could answer only 2. I am really sorry about it. But I have read all the letters and I found your deep concern about my health. You had been kept asking me whether I had been taking meals and medicines and going as per the doctor’s advice.

Yes, dear, I am taking medicines and proper meals,s and following the doctor’s advice. I can understand your concern for me as you had been taking care of my health as I had been suffering from jaundice. I am obliged for whatever you had done for me. I remember the way you have served me and forgotten your personal work and going to the office. I would not be able to repay for the way you have been with my side during the period of sickness.

Even if live thousands of lives, I would prefer you as my best friend. Whenever I remembered you, you were there for me and helped me from all dangers and difficulties.

Always Yours,

[Mention your name]

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Letter Template: 2

Love Letter to Best Friend

Dearest [mention your friend

Although we are not talking to each other for a long time, yet I cannot stop thinking about you. The memories of the beautiful moments that I had with you keep me haunting all the time.

It is quite difficult for me to adjust in the new atmosphere. Usually, people say that best friend are quite hard to be found in this big bad wicked world. But I consider myself lucky as I have such a wonderful companion like you.

You are the one with whom I feel that I am actually alive. Otherwise, life seems to be boring and dull for me. It is you who have inspired me to live life as the way it is. You always told me that I should not worry for the future r regret for the past.

You had actually inspired me to enjoy the present moment. Do you remember how we used to enjoy going to drawing classes? The memories are actually fresh in my mind. Once we had skipped classes and went to watch a movie in the town. We were really excited to watch the movie and at the same time we were also scared of getting caught. We did not inform our parents.

But we were actually caught. Someone from the drawing class informed our parents. And then we could not talk to each other for the next 3 months. But we had been keeping our friendship alive by writing letters to each other. Once again, everything was normal. I am confident that no matter what comes, our friendship will always be alive.

You are my best friend in the world.

Forever yours,

[Mention your name]

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Letter Template: 3

Love Letter to Your Best Friend

Dearest [mention your name],

As I have met you after so many years, I do find that you have not changed a bit. You are the same person with the same soul. Always smiling and cracking interesting jokes. I do believe that you have maintained your sense of humor.

I must say actually that the day I met you during my childhood days, I was actually mesmerized by your personality. You were smart, and intelligent, and used to love reading books. When I went to meet you at your house with my friends, you had given me interesting books to read. Those were the detective stories written by Agatha Christie.

I remember how you used to love watching movies directed by Alfred Hitchco*ck. Getting along with you, I too had fallen for those suspense stories. Do you remember how we had secretly gone to the nearby graveyard to find any ghosts? We had not informed our parents. It was giving eerie feeling to both of us.

We were shivering actually. It was completely dark over there in the graveyard. But we did not find anything. After that, we could not sleep for several nights. Even today, whenever we meet each other, our bond creates magic.

As I am planning to go on a trip to a distant land, I would like to offer you to join me during the trip. I think that there will be great fun and excitement. I will be coming to meet you in the evening and discuss all things we are going to carry during the trip.

[Mention your friend’s name], you are my best friend and you inspire me to do all good things in life.

Forever Yours,

[Mention your name]

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Letter Template: 4

Love Letter for Friend

Dearest [mention your friend’s name],

You are the light in the darkness. You are the only hope in my life like an oasis in the desert. I choose to be always with you. It’s because I find confidence, love, and support in you.

As you are completely aware of how I had suffered a loss in my business and all my relatives turned away from me. There were several others whom I considered my close friends, even though they had deserted me. I

have always helped these friends whenever they have been in crisis. But when I had suffered a financial setback, no one came to take my side except my parents and you. It’s been over [mention the time span] years I have been in close touch with each other. I have not seen a single bit of change in you.

I find the same love, affection, and dedication for myself and my family. You are always there for me. What else I can ask from God! You are the gift, an angel sent from heaven, I believe! If you had not saved me emotionally and financially then I would have simply perished. It is because of your support that I could clear the debts otherwise; I would have suffered legal hassles.

You are the one who lifted me from rags and gave me a new life and also work to move on. I will always take your advice seriously and go accordingly. My life is at a standstill without you. It is you who actually boost me with correct thoughts and the right direction.

I always am your best friend!

Lovingly Yours,

[Mention your name]

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