These 13 Deion Sanders quotes will inspire you to get what’s yours (2024)


These 13 Deion Sanders quotes will inspire you to get what’s yours (1)

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Self-motivation can oftentimes only take you so far. Having a circle of people to help keep you afloat is seen by many as another key to success. Deion Sanders is among those who understand and amplify the message of the power of having a team. From winning Super Bowl titles to leading the Colorado Buffaloes, Coach Prime says he’s always served as a guide for others.

“Even on my way up, I always reached back,” Sanders shared on “Sway in The Morning.” “Not just down but parallel to try to pull somebody closer, so we could understand this journey and take it together.”

“It’s about reaching people I normally would not have the propensity to reach,” he added. “And everybody needs a coach. See, in life, we’re just trying to do it on our own, but some of our most prolific people in life — the LeBrons, the Jordans — they all had coaches. So, I’m trying to be your everyday life coach.”

Sanders has become known for giving compelling words of advice. So, to get your day started on the right foot, here are 13 of his most motivational quotes.

1. “You’re a few steps away from getting it and you’re losing focus. Not now; this ain’t the time.”

One of the main differences between people who reach their dreams and those who don’t is never giving up. It’s common understanding that when adversity strikes at a high level, it's usually an indication you’re on the verge of a breakthrough. Taking a short break is more than okay. However, once the pause is over, it’s time to lock in and focus on the goals in front of you.

2. “You can’t win alone, so find someone who’s a winner and team up, but be a great teammate.”

Coming from the world of sports, Sanders knows firsthand that it’s nearly impossible to win without teammates. Having a tight-knit circle can help you in areas you may be lacking in and vice versa. Filling someone else’s cup is often even better than being poured into.

3. “How you dominate today will determine your tomorrow.”

It’s not realistic to think that time passing by will eventually lead to a change in your story. The moves you make in the present moment are a part of what dictate what your future will look like. That’s why it’s often emphasized that it’s crucial to seize the day. Time doesn’t change you, but actions do.

4. “The pity party is over. Now let’s go.”

It’s easy to fall victim to complaining when you’re in the midst of constant life challenges. However, it shouldn’t be a consistent thing if you’re looking to bring your plans to fruition. Feeling sorry for oneself isn’t what’s going to unlock change in life. Persevering in the middle of a storm builds the endurance necessary to get to the next level.

5. “One thing about being confident is being consistent.”

Sanders is someone who has never shied away from bearing his overt confidence. How does one master that like him? He has explained that being confident and being consistent go hand in hand. Consistency is something that Sanders often preaches about because he says it’s a gateway to becoming successful. What’s more, he believes that being consistent trumps being popular.

6. “You can’t expect great success without encountering great challenges.”

Most of the biggest stars and public figures share something in common: They have faced trials and tribulations. Within their life stories, many of their perceived failures resulted in big wins. That’s why it’s so important to find ways to turn your Ls into Ws. It’s time to use challenges and barriers as fuel to break down walls.

7. “Stop saving yourself and give life your all.”

Tomorrow isn’t promised, so why not go all in today? We all have moments when we find ourselves delaying on goals we set out to accomplish, but this hinders progress. There’s no better time than now to use the power that’s within to become who you are destined to be.

8. “If you chase greatness, the money is gonna come.”

A common saying is that it’s key to pursue your calling and from there, the money will follow. Sanders is a great believer of the sentiment. Solely chasing money can turn out to be your downfall. It’s better to possess both greatness and money, rather than just the bag.

9. “If we change what we give in life, we will ultimately change what we get in life.”

Sanders has shared in numerous interviews that he’s made it a longtime habit to serve others. And what he is explaining in this quote is that if you want to live better, you have to give better. It’s one thing to receive but another to look out for others. Sanders has seen the motto work in his favor in his own life and hopes for others to get on board.

10. “Don’t allow a want to cause you to forfeit what you already have.”

The saying “Comparison is the thief of joy” holds great truth. When you think the grass is greener on the other side, it can be easy to hyperfocus on your list of wants. However, if you take a step back to reflect, the gifts you already possess become clearer. You may already have what you need to succeed.

11. “Prepare for success now.”

Many successful leaders emphasize the importance of opportunity meeting preparation. Being unprepared can lead to you missing out on life-changing opportunities, which sometimes come when you least expect them. So, you have to stay ready.

12. “For every test, there’s answers for it that develop a testimony.”

There can’t be wins without losses just like there can’t be testimonies without tests. The road toward chasing your dreams will have its bumps and detours. However, as Sanders shared, the answers for it all will ultimately follow.

13. “You have the autonomy to restart things.”

If you feel that you’re stagnant in an area of life, you’re not forced nor required to stay there. Moreover, if you desire transformation, you must be willing to make any necessary changes for the better. That’s up to you to make an active decision. You have the power, so tap in and claim it.

These 13 Deion Sanders quotes will inspire you to get what’s yours (2024)
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