Valentina Ferrer talks love, maternity, and her future projects (2024)

Valentina Ferrer is striking. Not only because of her 5’10 height, beautiful hair and her honey-colored eyes, which earned her the title of Miss Argentina seven years ago, and her first contract with Whilelmina Models, one of the best agencies of models of the world. Determined, sure of herself, Ferrer continues to thrive, whether in front of a camera, runway or life itself. She pushes forward, without fear and with natural beauty. Born and raised in Villa Santa Cruz del Lago, the Cordoba model is fulfilled and happy.

On June 27, Valentina gave birth to Río, her first child with J. Balvin, one of the biggest reggaetón stars. Her happiness is evident and can be perceived throughout this exclusive cover and the spectacular photos. This interview happened while her first born was taking a siesta in her Manhattan apartment.

When they told me ‘Valen, you’re going to see what it means to have a child. It changes your life completely,’ I didn’t believe it but now I feel completely fulfilled and I am at peace.

The model talks about the change she underwent when she became a mother for the first time. “Before, I managed my schedules just like that and now my entire schedule revolves around Río. From twelve noon to four thirty in the afternoon, when he sleeps, I have time to do my things”, says Valentina, who has already returned to modeling (now she is part of the Elite Models staff) and continues to lead Kapowder Superfoods, a vegan nutritional supplement company. She was taking the supplements while she was pregnant and it helped her maintain her energy levels as well as feel good. “We are going to launch a line with everything I used, including some skin products, which is also very important in pregnancy,” she explains enthusiastically.

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During the first months, it is difficult to part from a newborn. The connection is instinctive, physical.

Oh, yes… I spend a few hours without seeing him and when I feel that the time is up and that they are going to bring him to me, I get nervous. I never felt this nervous even as a teenager with a boyfriend. I don’t know what I’m going to do when Río comes home with a girlfriend. I was never the jealous type and I can imagine saying to the girlfriend: “My love, sit here, we have to talk.”

Your son Río is going to be four months old and we still don‘t know his face, why?

“I want him to decide what he wants for his life.” My family [dad, mom and four siblings] has zero social networks, are very hippie and are into water sports. If Río wants to be the same, you have to respect it. If he wants to be known, we will be the first ones to support him, but if he does not want to, why would we? The day he wants to show himself, I’ll go and cover the city with photos of him.

How did you choose his name?

We were talking with José’s sister and her husband, who said “Río” and we loved it. It is the river that flows, as he says in the song [she refers to the ballad “Querido Río” that Balvin dedicated to his son at birth]. It is short, practical.

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What was the most surprising thing about the delivery?

The moment they placed him on my chest.“In Argentina, they rinse the baby off a little, here the goes straight onto the mom. It was an incredible feeling, I said, ”I‘m ready to have another one.

In general, pregnant women fear “D-Day”.

Yes, but there comes a point where you want it to be born and you forget. Let‘s see: the contractions hurt a bit, I am not going to lie, but the happiness of meeting your son, of seeing his face for the first time, is stronger. All bodies are different, but the mind is half of things. The birth of Río was quick and easy, it lasted 25 minutes.

Being physically fit helps. You have been training for years.

I’ll tell you a word: pilates. In pilates you learn to know your body and strengthen your body where it is needed. You do not force the body too much.

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Where was Río born?

In Long Island, two hours from where we are.“I loved the doctor who worked there. I don’t like those places that can be spectacular, but super cold. I wanted his birth to be warm.

How was José’s experience with the birth?

Super good, he accompanied me at all times. My dad and mom too, they were with me until the delivery, which was something intimate, of José, me and the baby. Last night it looked like a pajama-party.

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What does the arrival of this son mean for the couple?

Río is light and energy. He is everything. He gives me remarkable strength. I was always sure of myself, but now I am more assertive. It’s a ‘move over, here I come’ and if you’re not going to move, I don’t care. I look elsewhere, I do something else.

How is Balvin doing with fatherhood?

Amazing! The problem is going to be José: he is going to spoil him with everything and I am going to be like the witch. Many men are afraid to hold the baby, they feel that they are going to take him apart and José is not! He bathes him, gives him the bottle, he changes his diaper ... I told him: ‘Everything is okay, but this is a team.’ It does not work when one parent tries to do everything. At first, I would go to the café on the corner for twenty minutes to see what he was doing with Río. I wanted him to learn how to be alone with the baby.

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José talks a lot about his battle against depression and anxiety on his social networks.

Paternity gives him a lot of peace and he is more balanced. Being a father suits him very well. It has helped him a lot.

You have been together for four and a half years. What made you fall in love with him?

José is very special, sensitive and affectionate. That is what made me fall in love and always keeps me connected to him.

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In the beginning, you had a long distance relationship.

Yes, but for me it was normal. We have gone two years without separating: I had to quarantine in Colombia alone and now we are in New York.

For a lot of couples, the quarantine ended their relationships...

Coexistence is not easy for everyone and the quarantine helped us. We realized that we can live together on a day-to-day basis, that there is no friction, that we get along… Being parents was a shared dream, we both always wanted to start a family. It may sound harsh, but I would never have had a relationship with a person who did not want children.

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He is followed by more than 49 million people. He has 5 Grammys, among many other awards. What is it like to be next to a star like him?

“It’s his job.” People think it is difficult. I love what he does and I applaud him, but for me the most important thing is what José is like behind the scenes. He is a boy, I have two children, if not three, with Enzo, the dog [laughs].

You must have met amazing people with him.

I don’t like talking about this, but someone I respect a lot and who impressed me by her simplicity was Beyoncé. There is nothing more difficult than getting to where she is and still have her feet on the ground… And that’s my job with José.

Does he surprise you with jewelry gifts?

I’m zero of those things. I’m not that type of person. I wear H&M earrings. In fact, it makes me fall in love more when I don’t have yerba mate and he gets it for me. One time, my yerba mate cup was thrown in the trash at a hotel and I almost had a seizure. Then I did say to him: ‘I need you to use J Balvin, whatever it is, and get me another one.’

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What do you see in your future together? Do you talk about getting married?

I am in the flow. Sometimes you get tangled up in the future and I prefer to live in the present. I never dreamed of getting married and if at some point in my life I do, it would be something intimate, for us.

Is Manhattan going to be Río’s home?

I don’t know, I haven’t planned that far ahead.

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What do you expect for the first years of his life?

Enjoy them to the fullest. My family is going to take a motorhome trip here and I‘m going to go with him for a few days. I do not want him to be a city child. It is important to me that he has contact with nature, that he goes to Carlos Paz, that he grows up near his cousins, that he has the friction of the fight and that he knows how to defend himself.

Would you like to give him siblings?

I always said that I wanted to have more children, but now, no longer. We’ll wait and see...

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Valentina Ferrer talks love, maternity, and her future projects (2024)
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