Golden Ring of Russia – Travel Guide

Its a well known fact that most of prophetic speakers and journalists distinguish the main player among these countries named by Ezekiel as Russia. A large number of booklets, leaflets, and books have been flowed depicting the coming war among Russia and Israel. Yet, is there hard proof that the finishes of these understudies of prediction are right?

Did Ezekiel truly predict Russia ascending as a military force in the end time and having an extraordinary enthusiasm for the Middle East, or have present-day authors and speakers just utilized the present worldwide pressures as a chance to sell books and draw in swarms? Visa to Russia Is the open the casualty of clerical pioneers who have themselves made way for what they depict as the end-time dramatization? How might anybody be certain that Ezekiel’s prescience has anything to do with present day countries when the words utilized in his portrayal of this contention are so new to the present Bible peruser?

Who is Gog? Where is the place that is known for Magog? Where might one look on a guide to discover the urban communities of Meshech and Tubal? To what countries did Ezekiel allude when he composed of Gomer and Togarmah?